John Maxwell Team Member to Facilitate Leadership Edinburg Retreat

Leadership Edinburg is a well-established program at the Edinburg Chamber of Commerce that provides opportunities for individuals to learn about their community, and the benefits of becoming an actively involved citizen. In the 30 years since Leadership Edinburg was established, more than 450 people have graduated from this continuing-education program.

To begin the program, Leadership Edinburg has a weekend-long retreat on South Padre Island, which gives each member the opportunity to bond with other members of the program. During the retreat, members are given an overview of Leadership Edinburg. This year, a new facilitator has been chosen to lead the retreat. Chis’mere Mallard, an established motivational speaker, will be overseeing the Leadership Edinburg group.

Chis’mere Mallard owns and manages CLS Devices, LLC, representing several companies in the medical industry, as well as his own life-coaching and inspirational speaking company, Chis’mere Mallard, LLC. Chis’mere is a member of the John Maxwell Team, Black Belt Speakers and is personally mentored by Les Brown as a Platinum Speaker. Chis’mere has over 10 years of experience in sales and has overcome many obstacles. His rise to this level was meteoric, due to his charismatic leadership and unstoppable ambition. It is his faith in God, coupled with his love for his family that has driven him to excel. As an inspirational speaker, Chis’mere shares his zest for life and positive attitude by motivating others. He loves to see others succeed.

The deadline for registering for Leadership Edinburg is August 23, 2019. You can download an application at, or call the Edinburg Chamber at 956-383-4974 for more information.