L&F Distributors Named Edinburg Chambers Business of the Month

EDINBURG, TX – The Edinburg Chamber of Commerce has chosen L&F Distributors as its Business of the Month for the month of April. L&F Distributors has been serving the Edinburg community since 1978 and continues to as they proudly contributed $25,000 to the Independent Beer Distributors Relief Fund (IBDRF) to support our local food service industry affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The family business will be recognized by the Edinburg Chamber of Commerce all month on their website and various platforms. The selected business, organization, or individual is recognized by the Edinburg Chamber Ambassador committee for their excellence in service, dedication to its community, and fellowship. We would like to thank the business for their continued support to our community and the Edinburg Chamber Ambassadors. 

For more information please call the Edinburg Chamber of Commerce at 956-383-4974 or visit www.edinburg.com.