Leadership Edinburg Class XXXIII Learns About Edinburg Through History Session

Leadership Edinburg (LE) Class XXXIII completed a history session at the Museum of South Texas History (MOST History) on Wednesday, October 20, 2021. The session offered insights and knowledge on the history of Edinburg and the Rio Grande Valley. 

The session agenda included presentations by MOST History CEO, Francisco Guajardo and Community Engagement Officer, Rene Ballesteros. The presentation discussed social issues the Edinburg community faced in the past as well as key leaders who provided solutions.The seminars help Leadership Edinburg members gain knowledge in areas that have a direct impact on our community.

Leadership Edinburg is designed by the Edinburg Chamber of Commerce to allow class members to interact with one another and members of the community to advance civic engagement efforts between leaders. The nine month program is structured to help class members understand the problems and opportunities we face through strong leadership skills focusing on politics, education, and quality of life. 

For more information on Leadership Edinburg call 956.383.4974 or log on to www.edinburg.com.