Edinburg Chamber Announces Partnership with RGV Disability Chamber

The Edinburg Chamber of Commerce announced its partnership with the Disability Chamber of the RGV.
The local disability chamber services the area by providing information, education and business creation specifically for the needs of people with disabilities.
“There is a need in the increase of visibility with people with disabilities in the region’s workforce and we are happy to partner with the Disability Chamber to help bridge that gap,” said Ronnie Larralde, Executive Director at the Edinburg Chamber of Commerce.
DCC RGV is the fourth Chamber of its kind in the nation, “by 2025 there will be a shortage of entry level jobs so why not get ahead of the curve by gaining free corporate professional training from the Disability Chamber so you can learn how to better accommodate the untapped workforce,” said Evelyn Cano, President of the DCC RGV.
With this partnership, Edinburg Chamber members will have the opportunity to gain free webinars and resources for employers that can be found on www.Edinburg.com/resouces.