Best Social Media Practices for Small Businesses

The shift toward digital marketing has pushed most businesses toward online commerce and advertising. Amid the large field of competition, it is important for small businesses to start a social media marketing strategy that fosters customer relationships and builds brand awareness. Here are some tips on how to improve your social media skills for your small business.

Choose the Right Platforms

Firstly, every small business should have a Facebook page. Facebook is the largest social media site with the most active and engaged user base. Start building your following on Facebook to see what demographic your content attracts, then branch out and choose a social network tailored to that demographic. For example, TikTok and Instagram are best for businesses looking to target people under 24, and Pinterest caters to mostly women ages 27 to 40.

Above all, small businesses have the advantage of being close to their community. Businesses that stay in touch with their customers and utilize social media analytics will be able to create messaging that will resonate with their audience and encourage engagement on posts.

Edinburg Chamber Marketing Opportunities

The Edinburg Chamber of Commerce promotes its members by highlighting them on our social networks. Our “Member of the Week” and “Business of the Month” get direct social media recognition with a post congratulating them on Facebook and Instagram. However, not only Members of the Week get recognized. The Edinburg Chamber spotlights its members through posts or videos on Facebook daily.

Moreover, the chamber actively works with its members on social media to advertise their current projects or promotions. Chamber members can reach out to the Edinburg Chamber directly for social media coverage for their newsletter, events or sales

Additionally, the Edinburg Chamber has a new Facebook Group exclusive to chamber members. The group provides a way to network and promote your business or organization to other members of the Edinburg Chamber of Commerce. Members are encouraged to spark discussions and share their events, sales, open houses, seminars, products and services.

Create a Social Media Calendar

Consistency is key. Small businesses should remain active on social media by creating a social media calendar to raise brand awareness and engage with their customers. Social media calendars are tools used to organize brand messaging and maintain steady engagement.

Businesses that do not post consistently lose out on creating a relationship with their audience and potentially increasing traffic to their website.

Quality Over Quantity

Social media posts and advertisements should be made carefully. A good content calendar will have a variety of posts ranging from images to live sessions. Small businesses should track the analytics of their posts and aim to increase engagement to maximize potential website traffic and customers.

Collaborative Posts

Small businesses can gain a larger following by collaborating with another local business. Collaborative posts act as a way to introduce your business to a wider audience. It is important to strategically partner with a business that has a similar customer base. For example, a flower shop and a bakery can collaborate on Valentine’s Day for a giveaway in which followers must like their pages and share their content to win a prize. Collaborative posts are conducive to both participants because they boost exposure for both parties and create buzz.


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